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The very best acts to create a wonderful atmosphere, a 'wow' factor, an engaging experience and a memorable event. Acts include acrobats, magicians, jugglers, human statues, comedy acts, balloon modellers, stilt walkers caricaturists, fire performers and many other types of act

Check below to see the wide range of acts we provide. If you do not see the type of act you want please contact us because we can supply almost any act available

Browse our websites to see the amazing acts available or preview some of the acts on this website and then contact us to discuss your entertainment requirements



Stnning acrobats, contortionists and hand balancers

Amazing acrobat acts to give your event or promotion that wow factor. Solo, duo and group acrobats perform shows or ambient entertainment


Amazing aerial silks, trapeze, hoop and rope

Stunning aerial acrobats to give your event a showpiece performance. Solo, duo or group aerial acts that can perform shows or ambient performances

Balloon Modellers

Balloon modellers, twisters and artists

High skill balloon artists for adults and childrens events. Amazing balloon sculptures created to take away with you. Balloon workshops also available for children and adults


Wonderful caricature artists

Brilliant entertainment and something to take away! Caricature artists suitable for all ages and events as wandering performers

Circus Workshops

Circus skills for adults and children

Circus skills workshops for children and adults events. Brilliant for schools, scout and guide groups and fun days. Great for ice breaking or team building or promotions


Clowns of all types to make you laugh

Brilliant clowns that will make you laugh. Traditional clowns, circus clowns, jesters, physical comedy acts and more


Ribbon, Ballet, Street, Tap, Themed and more

Amazing dance acts perform shows or ambient dance routines. Wide variety of dance styles and themes


Amazing escapes to wow and audience

Escaplogy acts capture the imagination with their skill and daring. Range of ground based and aerial escape performances available

Face Painters

High quality fact and body painters

Professional face and body painters suitable for both childrens and adults events. Wide range of fact and body art to entertain

Fire Peformers

Stunning fire skills to wow audiences

Fire breathers, eaters, jugglers, poi & staff spinners and dancers perform show and ambient entertainment for many events

Fortune Tellers

Tarot, palm or crystal ball readings

Engaging entertainment with Tarot, palm and crystal ball readings for a range of events

Glow LED Performers

Wonderful glow LED light skills to amaze audience

Brilliant glow LED light juggling, poi and staff spinning create amazing patterns and colours. Options to create words and logos of your choice for a personalised performance

Human Statues

High quality live statue acts to add ambience

Amazing human living statues are brilliant acts for corporate events, parties, weddings, promotions and celebrations. Wide variety of statue types and themes


High skill & comedy jugglers for any event

Jugglers performing with clubs, balls, diabolo, hula hoop, flower sticks, cigar boxes, spinning plates and other props entertain with shows or ambient performances


Close Up, Table, Pickpocket, Illusion, Stage & Childrens

Amazing magic suitable for adults and children Whether it is the brilliant skills of a close up magician at a wedding, a children's magician at a party or a stage magician performing a corporate show


Classic and character mimes

Wonderful mime acts to entertain adults and children alike. Suitable for meet & greet, wandering entertainment, promotions and more


Varity of music acts and themed music acts

Great music acts to enhance your event. Drum bands, classical quartets, jazz bands, minstrels, roving musicians, carol singers and even stilt walking musicians


Puppet shows and roving puppet acts

Puppet acts for all ages. Punch and Judy, themed puppet acts, stilt walking puppet acts.


Roving Robot Acts

Amazing robot acts to entertain all ages. Great for meet & greet and roving entertainment at corporate, street and promotional events

Roller Skaters

Character & Themed Roller Skating Acts

Brilliant character and themed roller skating acts to enhance your event with their roving interactive fun. 

Silhouette Artists

Stylish silhouettes created in front of your eyes

Silhouettes cut on the spot for you to take home make wonderful entertainment for corporate and celebration events

Story Tellers

Storytellers for childrens events

Storytellers who bring their own or book stories to life for children of all ages

Strongmen & Strongwomen

Amazing strongmen and woemen to wow audiences

Strongmen and strongwomen acts to amaze everyone at your event with their feats of strength, skill and balance

Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers for any event

Amazing stilt walking acts for every conceivable theme. Also variations that include stilt bicycles, bouncy stilt acts, music stilt acts and LED light stilt acts. Great for roving, promotional  and meet & greet entertainment for a wide range of events


Themed stunt acts create a wow factor

Stunt acts are great entertainment for many events. Themes include knights, wild west, musketeers and more

Tightwire & Slackrope

Defying gravity with elegant balance

Amazing tightwire and tightrope & slackrope walkers entertain with their amazing balancing skills. Some acts perform additional skills while on the rope or wire such as unicycling or playing a violin!


One wheel is all that is needed

Uni or Mono cyclists perform roving or show entertainment that can also include other skills. Additional skills include juggling or riding on a tightwire

Walkabout & Roving Acts

Inummerable character & themed roaming acts

Wonderful character and themed roving acts to entertain all ages. Interactive performance engage audiences and leave them with a smile!


This is our main website. It is currently being redesigned and updated. To view many of our acts please go to our act or theme specific act websites using the links below. Or please contact us as we are happy to discuss your entertainment requirements